Student Leadership Team

The roles within the Student Leadership Team are positive and role models for the younger students of our school to look up to and aspire to be.

Head Student and Deputy Head Students

The Head Student is a Year 13 role, responsible for  representing the school at event, making public speeches. They serve as a role model for students, lead the student's union and play a key role in student council meetings.

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Head Students:  Mia and Oliwia

Deputies: Lucy, Sumaya, Olivia and Jasmine

Senior Head and Deputy Heads of Houses

They are responsible for representing the House at events, will make public speeches and lead/support in the delivery of house assemblies, lead house meetings and play a key role in student council meetings.

The role of Deputy Head student will support the Senior Head of House in representing the school at events and making public speeches.

Year 12 students have the roles of Senior Head of House and Deputy Head of House.