Sandbach College

Why study this course?

Studying A Level Physical Education will give you an outstanding insight in to the world of sport and athlete performance. The course is studied through a variety of different contexts and the impact that it has on everyday life. You will learn the reasons why some people out perform others, mentally and physically, why some people are influenced to participate in certain sports and why some performers do not succeed. 

The course also provides you with the skills to critically analyse and evaluate your own and others' physical performance and apply your experience of practical activity in developing your knowledge and understanding of the subject. 

The course is an excellent platform for you to gain the knowledge, understanding and skills required to access higher education, employment or further training both specific to Physical Education as well as many other transferable skills.

Sandbach College at Sandbach High School Entry Requirements

We ask that all students achieve grade 4 or equivalent (a Level 2 pass) in at least 4 subjects, alongside the following subject specific entry requirements:

  • Grade 5 in GCSE PE 


  • Grade 5 in GCSE Science 
  • Must be competing actively in an external sport

What will I learn on this course?

The course develops knowledge, understanding and a wide variety of skills relevant to physical education. You will develop an understanding of how physiological and psychological factors impact on performance such as the changes that occur in the body that enable athletes to reach peak performance as well as how individual differences such as personality type and performer traits can impact on their potential success. In addition you will learn how socio-cultural factors influence people’s involvement in physical activity and sport and how technology, drugs, media and commercialisation all play a role in how you see physical activity and sport today. You will also learn how to analyse and evaluate performance, providing you with the ability to suggest performance improvements using physiological, psychological and socio-cultural factors improve performance. .  

As well as the theoretical element of the course, you will also be able to learn and demonstrate your ability as a performer or coach in your chosen sport activity which will then contribute to your final grade.

Examinations & Coursework

The theoretical examination based section of the course accounts for 70% and is split into 30% Anatomy & Physiology, 20% Psychological factors and 20% Socio-cultural issues in physical activity and sport. 

The final 30% of the course is non-examination assessment split into 15% practical performance and 15% evaluating and analysing performance. 

Potential career paths

A Level Physical Education is an excellent base for a university degree in sports science, sports management, physiotherapy, medicine, healthcare, exercise and health. Physical Education can also complement further study in Biology, Physics, Psychology, Nutrition, Sociology and Mathematics. 

A Level Physical Education can open up a range of career opportunities including sports development, sports coaching, physiotherapy, personal training or becoming one of the next generation of PE teachers. Learners will also develop the transferable learning skills such as decision making and independent thinking that are in demand by further education, Higher Education and employers in all sectors of industry.

Enrichment opportunities

There is a wide range of enrichment opportunities that you can undertake to further support your study of Physical Education. You will have the opportunity to attend examiner conferences, link with local sports businesses for work experience and complete volunteering within the main school Physical Education department. Many Physical Education students also undertake their Gold Duke of Edinburgh award fulfilling the physical section of the award through the course and also the volunteering section through school, club and primary school links. All enrichment opportunities are provided to enable you to build self-confidence, self-awareness and valuable experiences to make you stand out from the crowd, whatever your future plans may be.