A Level Politics

Sandbach College

Why study this course?

Politics is a relevant, controversial and dynamic course to study. It covers current affairs from both the US and the UK, and will help you to understand how the UK country is run. It will help you grow in confidence and question accepted norms: Why are there only a small number of female MPs? Why is the UK one of the only liberal democracies in the world not to have a written constitution protecting the individual rights of its citizens? Why do we pay tax?

One day you might need to pay tax, claim benefits, use healthcare, go to university, fight discrimination, benefit from a healthy environment, or use public transport. You might not, so far, have taken an interest in Politics but it will take an interest in you!

Sandbach College at Sandbach High School Entry Requirements

We ask that all students achieve grade 4 or equivalent (a Level 2 pass) in at least 4 subjects, alongside the following subject specific entry requirements:

  • Grade 5 in GCSE History


  • Grade 5 in English

What will I learn on this course?

The ability to deal with evidence and structure an argument is essential in Politics and this will be taught throughout the course. You will also be taught how to deal with complex themes and debate contemporary issues. You must have good reading, writing and comprehension skills.

Examinations & Coursework

One Unit (examined through a 2 hour paper at the end of Year 13) on UK People & Politics and Government

One Unit (examined through a 2 hour paper at the end of Year 13) on US People & Politics and Government.

One Unit (examined through a 2 hour paper at the end of Year 13) on the following political ideologies:

  • Liberalism
  • Conservatism
  • Socialism
  • Feminism

Potential career paths

As a traditional Humanities subject, Politics is an excellent qualification for any career such as Law, Journalism, Social Work, Government and the Civil Service and Teaching. It also provides an excellent training for management posts or for any position which involves evaluation of evidence and informed decision-making. A Politics graduate will be able to pursue a huge range of professional careers as it is a well-respected, challenging subject.

Enrichment opportunities

The department has links with MMU and the University of Manchester and students have the opportunity to visit their library for an induction visit in Year 12. Students are also offered the opportunity to meet their local MP and arrange whole-school projects such as elections.